Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination

Before nominating a person or team using the form below, please read the Nomination Guidelines.

  • Nomination Guidelines


    The Nominating Committee will seek nominations and make recommendations to the Selection Committee of those individuals it deems worthy of inclusion in the Hall of Fame.  The Selection Committee will review the nominations and make the final selection of inductees.  Nominations will be closed on January 21, 2020 for this spring’s induction.

    No more than one team or two coaches can be inducted each time.  There shall be no more than eight new inductees each period.


    *(may be waived in unusual circumstances)

    • Alumnus/a: An alumnus/a’s class should have graduated at least 10 years prior to induction.
    • Coach: A coach should no longer be a member of the Williston coaching staff, nor a member of the Williston faculty or staff.
    • Team: A Williston interscholastic varsity team may be considered for induction 10 years after the final member graduates.
    • Other: Any other individual with official ties to Williston, such as an athletic trainer or veteran (deceased) athlete or coach.  Eligibility may be at the discretion of the Nomination Committee on a case-by-case basis.

    Self-recommendations or unsigned/anonymous nominations will not be accepted.


    The following shall be considered as part of: “Significant contributions to the athletic programs at Northampton School for Girls, Williston Academy or Williston Northampton”

    1) Alumnus/a: His or her performance as a Williston Academy, Northampton School for Girls, or Williston Northampton School athlete, keeping in mind that sportsmanship, leadership and team play are elements of performance.  All school record holders, which have stood the test of time (minimum of 10 years) will be eligible.  All multiple MVP award winners will be eligible.  All Denman and Alumni Bowl winners are eligible for consideration.  Performances after graduation may be considered but are not the primary consideration.

    2) Coach: His or her extraordinary performance as a Williston Academy, Northampton School for Girls, or Williston Northampton School coach, keeping in mind that teaching and sportsmanship are elements of performance.

    3) Team: A Williston Academy, Northampton School for Girls or Williston Northampton School interscholastic varsity team that achieved distinction, such as an undefeated record, a national championship or ranking, a New England Championship or a League Championship, and whose performance personifies the very best of Williston athletics in terms of sportsmanship, excellence and impact on the school community.

Nomination Form