Henri Bourque’s Calm QB Strategy


Henri Bourque has some talents that are easy to see as the Wildcat’s starting quarterback — a great throwing arm, poise in the pocket, solid scrambling skills. But there are several other sides of the senior that can’t be seen on the football field

Since joining the chess club in his elementary school in Claremont, New Hampshire, Henri has excelled at the game of strategy. Although he doesn’t play so much anymore, the skills particular to chess — poise, patience, planning — helped him figure out how to be an effective presence on the field.

Cam Sherman ’20, an offensive lineman on the football team, spoke to Henri’s calm, cool, strategic approach on the gridiron.

Henri “really knows what he’s doing,” as a team leader. “Even if the play kind of [falls] apart he [knows] how to make something out of nothing.”

Offensive line coach Matt Porter spoke to Henri’s cool demeanor both on and off the field. “He rarely ever loses his poise. He’s a very even-keeled guy.”

Despite the commanding presence required at his position, Henri’s teammates and friends, including senior Sahnet Ramirez, all remarked on his “quiet, observant, focused” demeanor.

“He’s quiet at times, but he can be very funny, and never has anything negative to say,” Sahnet said. “He’s one of the nicer people I know on campus.”

Henri’s skills have paid off; he recently committed to play football at Merrimack College in North Andover, Mass.

This story originally ran in The Willistonian.