Faith Barrington ’61

A devotee of music and travel creates opportunities for Williston students to share her passions



Faith Barrington ’61 found her voice at NSFG, joining the Glee Club and singing in operettas. Now a member of a women’s barbershop chorus near New Haven, CT, she was inspired by her love of music to start the Faith Wilcox Barrington Music Enrichment Fund at Wil­liston, which supports the music and theater departments. Ms. Bar­rington, a travel agent for 45 years, also supports a scholarship program that helps students go abroad.

How was your transition to NSFG?

At the beginning I was miserable. I can’t say I was happy all the time. But I think that you hear that a lot. Going away to school for the first time is hard. It just took time, but I got more involved in singing and music. Over the years I loved being part of singing, Glee Club, and the operettas. Those things made me happy.

How did you decorate your dorm room?

I don’t think we were allowed anything on the walls. But I always enjoyed the weekends when we could have our record players in the rooms. I was a big fan of Johnny Mathis. On Saturday nights, I would put a record on and I would fall asleep to Johnny Mathis.

What inspired you to support the Experiment in International Living scholarship program at Williston?

I was an experimenter during my college year in Italy in 1964. Travel­ing and intercultural exchange I think are very important and a great experience for students. It’s a very worthwhile program and I wanted to encourage other students to have the experience. I always wanted to share that opportunity with others.

What’s most rewarding about supporting this program?

Talking with the students and hear­ing about their experiences after they come back. I’ve been able to read their essays. I love hearing how it’s affected them and, in some cases, it’s going to affect what they’re going to study or aims them in certain directions.

Why did you start the Faith Wilcox Barrington Music Enrichment Fund?

I’ve always been a singer. If you sing and like music, as you grow older, there are always groups out there that you can join, even if you’re not a professional. I like reinforcing the availability of music programs that will be a part of your life forever. And hopefully will.