Athletes of the Week


Thomas Thibault ’19- Varsity Football

Thomas has had a great season for the Wildcats. On Saturday, he finished off his high school career with one of his best games to date at Williston. He was a huge contributor on both sides of the ball. On offense, he accumulated 3 catches for 66 yards and a touchdown. Despite his stat sheet, it was his outstanding blocking ability that truly stole the show, helping to keep the Brunswick defense at bay. Defensively he recorded 2.5 tackles proving his two-way threat capabilities. Thomas has been a huge part of the Wildcats success this season with both his play and his leadership.

Rachel Burke ’19- Varsity Field Hockey

Rachel has been a vital piece to the tremendous success of the girls’ varsity field hockey team this season. As the team’s sweeper, there are very few glorious statistics. Often, the most telling sign of a good sweeper is the trust of her teammates. Rachel has held this position all season for the Wildcats, and along with it, the trust of her teammates. Over and over she can be seen grabbing the ball from a breakaway attacker, dodging twice and bringing it up the side.  Playing the position of sweeper is a high-pressure role, but she handles it with ease and a sense of humor, proving her athletic ability and knowledge of the game.  She has embraced this role and has helped lead the defense from all the way in the back of the lineup. Rachel’s strong play and positive attitude have, without a doubt, been a crucial part of the team’s NEPSAC playoff run and the team will continue to lean on her in their search for a championship season.

Simon Fernandez Quirino ’20 – Boys Varsity Soccer

Simon played every minute in the final two games of the regular season for the boys’ varsity soccer team last week. Wins over Kingswood Oxford and NMH secured a 10-3-3 record, and post-season play for the Wildcats. Simon’s tireless effort running up and down the left flank helped his team overcome very talented opponents.  He tackled hard to win the ball back for his teammates, he provided cover for the left flank to minimize the effects of the opponents’ attacks, and he helped launch counterattacks by sprinting forward quickly.  Simon has been an important part of the Wildcats success this season and he will be counted on to remain steady as the team enters post season play on Wednesday at South Kent.

Grace Lane ’20-Girls Varsity Soccer

Grace has had a great season for the girls’ varsity soccer team. She has been a rock in the defensive unit all season, and her play has been a big part of the team’s success. Her relentless effort helped the Wildcat defense to gain more discipline and firepower throughout the season. She has been a solid contributor in the back both with her powerful kick and much needed poise under pressure. Her positive attitude both on and off the field helped her establish a leadership role on the team as we look towards next season.

Caleb Stern ‘19- Boys Varsity Cross Country

Caleb has served as the boys varsity cross country captain this fall and has had a consistently strong season.  He had another strong race on Saturday at the NEPSAC championships at the Governor’s Academy.  Caleb holds himself to a very high standard and made it his goal on Saturday to leave everything on the course.  He did just that finishing 5th on the team in 19:40. Caleb has been an exceptional captain this season.  He brings a positive spirit and energy to practices and race days!

Sarah Kimmel ’20- Girls JV Soccer

Sarah has had a great attitude all fall for the girls JV soccer team. She cares about her teammates and tries her best to make sure everyone knows this. This past week she played forward, a new position for her. Without a doubt, this change, strengthened the team’s attack as she was able to make dynamic runs to create scoring opportunities for her and her teammates. Additionally, she helped create some chaos in front of the goal causing the opponent to hit the ball into their own net. Sarah has shown tremendous leadership all season and has always put the team first.

Alejandro Ruiz ‘ – Boys JV Cross Country

Alejandro is a first year member of the boys cross country team and he’s embraced all the important aspects of the team’s culture from day one.  He works hard, brings a positive attitude and great sense of humor to practice and race days!  He finished the season 9th on the team at Berkshire last week. This week at the NEPSAC championships, he led the team finishing 48th out of 151.  While the course was only 3.0 miles, Alejandro ran 19:38, which would be a personal record if the course had been a 5k.  Alejandro is a great addition to the team and we look forward to his contributions next season.

Noel Livingston ’20- Girls JV Soccer

Noel has been a tough, aggressive defender all year for the Wildcats. She has been a wall, as the team’s stopper, an important role that she flawlessly stepped into this season. She has played nearly every minute for the team and her impact has been undeniable. Noel has shown unwavering compassion and support to her teammates when facing tough offensive opponents, and her leadership in this way has helped to keep a positive and competitive atmosphere for the Wildcats all season long.

Brodie Fazio ‘21 – Boys JVA Soccer

Brodie has been fantastic for the boys JV A soccer team this season.  As a centerpiece of the team’s defense, he has shown tremendous leadership for the team. His team first mentality was notably present this past week as he came in as a backup keeper, stepping up when his team needed him the most. He managed to save a penalty kick, keeping the Wildcats in the lead, and allowing the team to eventually pick up a win against Kingswood-Oxford. It was an amazing save that put his athleticism and talent on full display. Brodie has provided a positive example for the whole team, all season, and his teammates have grown because of his efforts.

Ellie Wolfe ‘19- JV Field Hockey

Ellie has been a critical member of the team this season with her positive attitude and leadership on the field.  She’s a seasoned veteran who knows that hard work leads to success and she encourages everyone on the team to try their best every day. Ellie anchors the defense at sweeper where she plays with intensity. She brings her best effort and attitude to every game, and she’s a constant cheerleader. Even when the team is down, Ellie never gives up. Her efforts have been noticed by all and she will be missed by her teammates and coaches next season.

Nathan Chang ‘22 – Boys Junior Soccer

Nathan has been working hard each day to improve his skills. On Wednesday, Nathan played in his first ever soccer game. He worked hard throughout his time in the game and showed off his newly acquired skills. In his first five minutes of the game, Nathan scored a goal, his first of his career. This would not be his only goal on the day as at the very end of the game, Nathan scored another goal on a PK. His two goals on the day helped the boys junior soccer team beat WMA by a score of 6-2. Nathan has come to practice each day with a positive attitude and has worked hard to be a great teammate and friend to all of the boys on the squad.