Why Williston?

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“Williston is a unique environment that allows you to experiment and try new things without fear of failure. I can't imagine another place that is more dedicated to fostering success in a person as a whole, not merely in the classroom. Take advantage of it!”
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Quick Facts

Our 95 faculty members bring their love of learning to the classroom, together with broad life experiences. Sixty-seven percent of them hold graduate degrees. These talented teachers create a dynamic classroom environment, emphasizing discussion and collaboration and promoting an open exchange of ideas. Faculty, who are not only teachers, but coaches and dorm parents, will really get to know you, and together, you'll discover a world of ideas and new ways to learn.

Founded in 1841

Williston combines a strong academic tradition with a commitment to innovation.

480 Students

Williston welcomes students from 25 states and 27 countries; 50% are male, and 50% are female.
Average Class Size: 12
Small classes and individual instruction are hallmarks of a Williston education.

37 AP and Honors Classes

Last year 209 Williston Students took 442 Advanced Placement exams, with 88% scoring 3 or higher.

Be Yourself Here

The moment you step on campus, you will feel it: Williston is more than a school, it’s a community—a caring fellowship of teachers, advisors, coaches, and classmates. Our job is first to understand what motivates you, then to guide and support you in pursuing your interests and discovering new ones. In our classrooms, on our playing fields, and in our dorms, we inspire our students to live with purpose, passion, and integrity. Because at Williston, what matters is not just what you will accomplish as a student, but who you will become as a person.

Join the Team

Athletics are a key part of a Williston education. We field teams at the varsity, junior varsity, and beginner levels to give students a full range of opportunities to play and compete. (We also offer recreational options and fitness training.) Our coaches, most of whom are also faculty members, view athletics as another chance to educate and mentor students. Williston has an impressive record of success supporting students who aspire to play in college—our student-athletes are recruited by Division I, II, and III institutions in New England and beyond.

“I love that at Williston, creativity can be found in athletics and not just in the art classroom.”EMILY GRUSSING ’15
athletic fields

Choosing the Right College

Williston’s college search process is highly personalized and collaborative. Beginning early in the junior year, students meet frequently with their counselor to discuss goals, values, ideals, and interests. Classroom sessions and workshops provide students and their families with key information at the appropriate time. As we educate students about college admissions, we also foster self-awareness and independent thinking so that students can effectively determine which colleges are uniquely suited to them.

Our Unique Compass Program

COMPASS is Williston's Comprehensive Program for Academic and Social Sucess. It's an innovative, 360-degree approach that deeply engages students and prepares them for college and life. Through four signature programs, which are interwoven into our traditional independent school curriculum, we create a rich academic and social environment that gives students the tools they need to excel and thrive. At once challenging and supportive, COMPASS is designed to meet each student where they are and to engage the whole student along an intentional, individualized path to realize his or her full potential at Williston, in college, and beyond.

Learn more about the four components of COMPASS:

Brendan Hellweg
"You will be a better person coming out of the school. You’ll yearn to excel, value friendship and human dignity, and find the profundity in the world around you."- BRENDAN HELLWEG ’14, YALE '18

Ninth Grade to the C.O.R.E.

Beginning with an orientation trip and continuing through the year with special workshops, assemblies, and projects, Williston's Ninth Grade Program fosters Curiosity, Organization, Reflection, and Empathy (C.O.R.E.), a theme that applies to classroom, dormitory, and community life. Ninth grade advisors, who work together as a team, specialize in just this year. They help ease the transition to high school, supporting students and giving them the tools to success.

The Art of Imagination

At Williston, we take the arts seriously, with the awareness that these disciplines offer students the opportunity to feel the excitement of creative realization and self-discovery, together with the satisfaction of sharing with others to enrich the life of the community. Our arts faculty members are practicing musicians, actors, and visual artists who bring their individual talents and experience to their classrooms and studios. All Williston students take at least three trimesters of art classes. Demanding vocal and instrumental music ensembles carry academic credit. The academic arts program is complemented by parallel extracurricular arts activities.


Amherst College: 2
Babson College: 7
Bentley University: 10
Boston University: 11
Brown University: 2
Carnegie Mellon University: 4
Colby College: 6
Cornell University: 9
Dartmouth College: 2
Elon University: 6
Fairfield University: 6
Georgetown University: 2
Hamilton College: 3
Harvard University: 2
Hobart and William Smith Colleges: 13
Howard University: 2
Ithaca College: 7
Johns Hopkins University: 2
Kenyon College: 4
Middlebury College: 5
New York University: 17
Northeastern University: 12
Oberlin College: 3
Skidmore College: 6
Stanford University: 1
St. Lawrence University: 4
The George Washington University: 8
Trinity College: 19
Tufts University: 7
Union College: 13
University of California, Berkeley: 2
University of Massachusetts Amherst: 8
University of Vermont: 7
University of Pennsylvania: 4
Wesleyan University: 4
Williams College: 2
Yale University: 4

Henry Lombino

Wesleyan University '18
“Williston utterly prepared me for college by constantly pushing me to expand my world and allowing me to do so many different things.”
Henry Lombino

Olivia Foster

CORNELL UNIVERSITY ’18“Williston prepared me to stay organized and work hard... I was prepared to balance academics with extracurricular activities.”
Olivia Foster

Gia Parker

DARTMOUTH COLLEGE ’18“The College Counseling office helped me throughout every step in the process and was always available to give advice and to look over my applications.”
Gia Parker

Tory Kolbjornsen

TUFTS UNIVERSITY ’18“The College Counseling office was incredibly supportive and helped keep me on track and keep my mind open looking at different schools.”
Tory Kolbjornsen

Home Away From Home

Dormitory life is about community, and students often find that their dormmates become friends for life. Each of Williston’s 10 single-gender dorms has its own identity, from the Victorian-goes-green vibe of 194 Main Street to the casual charm of Memorial Hall to the easy comforts of John Wright. Each is watched over by on-site dorm parents as part of a residential program designed to support students as they make and nurture friendships, develop a sense of responsibility, and establish good study habits. Students learn the art of social give-and-take—important preparation for heading off to college in a few years.

We Are Connected

Easthampton, located in the Pioneer Valley, is an easy two hour drive west from Boston and three hours from New York City. The Valley is home to the Five Colleges (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts Amherst). Our students and faculty take advantage of the opportunities that surround our campus--by volunteering and experiencing the wealth of academic, artistic, and athletic opportunities in the Five College area.