Studio Art

Ascend the spiral staircase lit by Reed Campus Center’s north-facing arched windows—the perfect indirect light for drawing and painting—and join a cohort of classmates who care about art. Whether you’re taking your first arts class or an experienced artist, you’ll encounter a supportive, nonjudgemental environment, where you can take your passion as far as you choose.

Lengths of homasote board in Reed Campus Center's main hallway, plus three glass cases, for displaying student work

Featured Course

AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art involves a rigorous curriculum addressing two main areas. “Breadth” includes projects and instruction using a variety of techniques and media. “Concentration” involves your producing bodies of work using in-depth study of themes or concepts. The class is co-taught by the three visual art teachers. You’ll submit an AP Studio Art portfolio when the course is done.

Special Program

The Grum Project

Cody Rutty, an American painter living and working in Boise, Idaho, visited campus in the spring of 2017 as part of the Grum Project. Rutty led classes, worked with individual students, and created a large oil painting that hangs in the main hallway in the Reed Student Center. Rutty’s large abstract paintings and drawings can be found in public and private collections throughout the world.

"What is art? You can answer in three seconds or take your entire life."

Derrick, from his Williston Scholars Art project

Student Work

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