Singing and instrumental music have long been a part of the Williston culture. In the evenings, you might hear the Jazz Ensemble rehearsing “Take Five” in the lead up to the fall instrumental concert. Or the Concert Choir harmonizing “Jingle Bells” in the dining commons during the holidays. Or a soloist giving you chills at the spring choral concert. Instrumentalists may play in Instrumental Ensemble or Jazz Ensemble. Singers may join the Concert Choir, Honors Chamber Singers, Teller Chorus or Williston Fusion a cappella. All musicians may choose to take private lessons and perform at special events and concerts throughout the year. Come join us!

WNS Choirs

Visit the WNS Choirs website to learn more about our choral area activities, and to let us know you’re interested in joining our team! Please also follow us on Instagram @WNSChoirs

Featured Course

AP Music Theory

You’ll develop skills necessary to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes that are heard or presented in a musical score and develop creativity through harmonization, composing two-voice counterpoint, and musical notation.

Groups and Ensembles

No matter your preferred style of musicianship, there’s a group for you. Instrumentalists can play for the Chamber Ensemble and the Jazz Band. Singers have the Concert Choir or Honors Chamber Singers, the Teller Chorus, and the Wild Chords, a select group run by advanced students. They all perform a wide variety of songs at special events and concerts throughout the year.

Fall 2023 Choral Concert

Winter 2024 Instrumental Concert

"The original idea was to make a spoken word project with music and it turned into a rapping project, which was a new experience and fun but definitely challenging."

Verdi, from his Williston Scholars Music project

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