dancers on a stage


The dance program at Williston offers you a wide spectrum of opportunities. You’ll find technique classes for students of all levels of ability and experience. If you want to participate in the fall or spring dance concerts—which draw packed houses from within Williston and the surrounding community—you can select classes in choreography and performance.

Types of dance styles students learn in the dance program: tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, musical theater, and hip-hop

Featured Course

Dance Ensemble

Students have opportunities to choreograph and perform in a variety of dance styles for two major dance productions each year. At left, watch a highlight video from the Fall 2021 performance, CO/MOTION.

Guest Choreographers

In the dead of winter, Hawaiian dancers performing at nearby UMass arrive at Williston to give a lesson on traditional Hawaiian movement. Professional dancers from India bring their expertise to a student performance. Alumni choreographers return to put student dancers through their paces at the barre.

In Performance

See photos from our spring 2018 dance performance, Unleashed.

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