Pulchra Horatii Flacci Carmina: The Beautiful Songs of Horace

Nikki Foster '20

The Project

For my project, I researched the Roman poet Horace. I then selected several of his poems with a similar theme and dissected them through translation and finding the poetic devises. I then created my own Latin poem inspired by Horace and his beautiful work. Horace urges readers to focus not on the business of life, but stop and admire nature. He lives by the lines, “life is short.”

What I Learned

Although I found each aspect of my project interesting, what I was most fascinated with was the word pictures in Latin poetry. Word pictures happen when the poet purposely places each Latin word in an order to create its own picture. Although English poetry does not have word pictures,  It showed me how important it is to read in-between the lines and really focus on each sentence of poetry.