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Founders Day: Together, We’re Stronger!

It comes but once a year: Founders Day, the Williston Northampton School’s annual day of giving! This Founders Day marks our 5th annual day of giving and celebrates our school’s founders whose generosity and investment made our campus, programs, and education possible. Please join us and help us reach our ambitious goal of 1,500 supporters which...

rachael miller rozalia project cum laude speaker williston northampton school Cum Laude Speaker: ‘My Job is to Protect the Ocean’

Ocean conservationist, entrepreneur, and blue water sailor Rachael Miller ’88 delivered the keynote address at the 2020 Cum Laude Society induction ceremony on January 10, when Williston bestowed one of its highest academic honors on 12 members of the senior class. (See video of the entire ceremony and the speaker only, and photos of the...

Young Alumni Panel Young Alumni Panel Drop Wisdom on Juniors and Seniors

Who better to give Williston juniors and seniors a taste of what college is really like than recent alumni home from school on winter break? On January 8, a dozen students from institutions near and far gathered at Williston Northampton School to confer wisdom on their peers. Here’s a sampling of some advice: Couper Gunn...

rachael-miller-cum-laude-2020 Williston Welcomes Rachael Miller ’88 as Cum Laude Speaker

Entrepreneur, sailor, and ocean conservation activist Rachael Miller ’88 will deliver the keynote speech at our Cum Laude Society induction ceremony on January 10. Co-founder and executive director of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, Miller is a leader in marine conservation, working surface to seafloor from multiple angles—education, remediation, technological innovation, and solutions-based...

Mikala Hammonds Woman on a Mission

Mikala Hammonds ’88 is a preacher’s kid from Lubbock, Texas. For the owner of tony home-design shop/spa Thelo, that’s perhaps an unexpected pedigree. The store, situated on the main drag in Northampton, Mass., is quintessential college-town New England, all brick walls, tin ceilings, and hardwood shade trees. It feels a world away from the creosote...

Jenny Tatelman Fishing on the Fly

As a student, professional fly fisherwoman Jennifer Tatelman ’07 was unaware of the rich network of rivers around her that she could have been angling. A native of Marblehead, Mass., she spent her youth on the ocean, fishing, sailing, and lobstering. “It’s crazy to me,” she said, “to think that I didn’t fly fish during...

Julia Chaplin The Boho Manifesto

Boho-by-birth author Julia Chaplin ’87 offers a guide to post-conventional living   Julia Chaplin ’87 opens her new handbook The Boho Manifesto: An Insider’s Guide to Post-Conventional Living with some important context: “My parents were hippies.” Her father was a journalist and novelist, and the family lived all over the country, as well as in...

Cameron-Williams Second-Hand Stylemaker

For Cameron Williams ’09, encouraging reuse has been a springboard to creativity   Fast fashion—aka cheap, trendy clothing, once beloved for quickly bringing runway looks to the masses—is becoming a problem. Americans buy five times the amount of clothing they did in 1980, contributing to 70 pounds of cloth waste per household each year. Six...

Yemi Lewani Taking Care of Business

For Africa-based entrepreneur Yemi Lawani ’96, a desire to solve problems inspires him to start new companies   It has been 23 years since he lived on the Williston campus, but Yemi Lawani can still vividly recall his roommate, Nader Barhoum ’97, running into the common room to let Lawani know Yemi’s girlfriend, Leilani, was...

Elizabeth Kridl Valkenier Parsing History

in 1941, when 15-year-old Elizabeth Kridl and her family arrived in the United States from war-ravaged Poland, she was given a full scholarship to the Northampton School for Girls. “We came here penniless.” she said. Dislocated from the life of comfort and high social standing her family had left behind—and with “almost nonexistent” English—she nevertheless...

Nicki-Miller-aerial-display Aerial Display

Poetic storyteller, aerial theater artist, and educator Nicki Miller ’03 talks about the inspiration behind her work   The shipwreck scene in Shakespeare’s Pericles was in full swing. Actors and actresses pulled on ropes and large fabric sails, when— snap! —the troupe was suddenly suspended high above the audience, contorting and gesturing, acting in mid-air....

Nika Futterman '88 Deal Her In

Voiceover actress Nika Futterman ’88 waves off fame while seeking a seat at the poker table You may not have heard of Nika Futterman—this despite the fact that she has 254 acting credits, most of them voice characters, going back to 1991 and is a singer and a professional poker player (more on that later)....

Alec-Guay-Soaring-into-the-Stratosphere Soaring into the Stratosphere

Since middle school, Alec Guay ’13 has been fascinated with aviation. Now his career takes him to Patagonia to work on the Airbus Perlan II, a manned pressurized glider that flies at the very edge of the atmosphere. Alec Guay’s career is soaring. Specifically, it’s reaching an altitude of 90,000 feet, bordering the vacuum of...

Cain-family-legacy A Family Legacy

James Cain ’68 grew up less than five miles from the Williston campus, but until his brother Daniel enrolled at the school as a post-graduate in 1963, he says, “I don’t remember that I even knew Williston existed.” As a boy, he had other things on his mind. His father, William, a local plumber, had...

Clare Brown 92 Designing History

How do you display the Batmobile? Or the Declaration of Independence? Just ask Clare Brown ’92, chief of design for the National Museum of American History. . Chances are you’ve seen the work of Clare Brown ’92. Every year more than 4 million people do. Chief of design for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American...

john buxton 63 Collector’s Item

In his 45-year career, renowned art dealer and “Antiques Roadshow” star John Buxton ’63 has appraised everything from the priceless to the peculiar . Over the course of 23 popular seasons, the PBS program “Antiques Roadshow” has thrilled fans with its whistle-stop quest to unearth the unlikely — and sometimes thrillingly valuable—treasures socked away in...

Bryant McBride In Their Own Words: Bryant McBride ’84

For Bryant McBride ’84, his hockey career began on the rinks of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and took him all the way to the offices of the National Hockey League, where as vice president of business development he would serve as the league’s highest-ranking black executive. In that role, he met and hired Willie O’Ree,...

Bringing Words to Life

A Commencement speech inspires a year of student life programming . At Commencement last spring, Emmy–award-winning actress Ann Dowd ’74 shared her “fundamental principles” for living a life with meaning, in a speech that managed to affectionately instruct as well as inspire (you can read it at The talk so impressed Director of Student...

Greg Tuleja Ode to Mr. T

Whether you call him Mr. T, Coach T, or Mr. Tuleja, if you graduated in the last 35 years, you probably know Academic Dean Greg Tuleja. Legendary for his teaching, flute playing, dry wit, and cross-country coaching (always in shorts, no matter how cold the weather), Tuleja is also an accomplished poet who has been...

Setting the Stage

Art director and scenic designer Nick Nocera ’07 creates the backdrops for hit television shows Nick Nocera got his big break in show business in eighth grade, when he was not cast in the Williston winter play. The sports-averse day student from Northampton had been looking for an alternative to athletics. Acting, it turned out,...

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