Williston takes the safety of its students and the community very seriously. There are systems in place in the event of an emergency on campus, and regular drills to ensure all those on campus are aware of the procedures. While school is in session there is 24-hour security coverage.

For non-life-threatening emergencies, call Campus Security at (413) 529-3911 or 3911 (from any campus phone).


Security is available 24/7
(413) 529-3911

Vehicle Registration

To register your vehicle for parking on campus:

Step 1: Read this.

Step 2: Click here to register your vehicle.

Bicycle Registration

Students must register bicycles being used on campus. Please fill out the registration form here.

Personal Safety

The Williston Northampton School Security Department wants to keep you safe. Being aware of your surroundings and taking reasonable precautions can help prevent crime and ensure the safety of our campus. The following are a few simple precautions that we encourage you to take to improve your personal safety while on campus:


Students are advised to close and lock all doors when leaving their dorm rooms. Always take your Sammy card/key with you. Do not give your Sammy card/key to anyone else. If you lose your Sammy card/key notify the Security Department immediately.

Do not prop open any exterior doors and close any doors you find propped open. Damaged doors or windows should be reported immediately to a Dorm Parent or the Security Department. Never hold an exterior door to a dormitory for a stranger.


Community members should report any suspicious persons or activities immediately to the Security Department at 529-3911. The person reporting should give his/her name, the nature of the incident, a description of the person(s) and property involved, and the suspect's location. It is always better to advise Security and have them check someone or something out rather than ignore the situation.


Community members are urged to report all criminal incidents to the Security Department, no matter how small or petty the crime may seem. It is very important to report all incidents so that further preventative measures can be taken and the School has accurate data on the number and type of incidents occurring on campus. The Security Department can be reached at 529-3911.

  • Always walk in lighted areas and in groups when traveling on campus after dark. Do not take shortcuts behind buildings or through secluded areas.
  • Swimming in the pond and jumping from the bridge over the pond is not permitted.
  • Use care when crossing streets. Always use crosswalks and crosswalk lights where available.
  • Do not go up on the roof of any school buildings.

Traffic and Parking Regulations

1. Objectives The principle objectives of traffic regulations on campus are to:

  • Ensure that access for emergency vehicles is maintained at all times.
  • Ensure safety for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Ensure student, faculty, staff and visitors have an appropriate place to park their vehicles.
  • Prioritize the use of the limited parking areas.
  • Ensure that handicap parking spaces are used appropriately and fire lanes/hydrants are not obstructed.

2. Enforcement

  • All parking violations on public ways (streets and sidewalks), and all on-campus parking violations involving handicap spaces and fire lanes/hydrants, are enforceable by the Easthampton Police Department. Citations issued by the Easthampton Police Department include a monetary penalty.
  • Vehicles parked in fire lanes or handicapped parking areas are subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense.
  • The Dean’s Office will be notified of students who violate any traffic/parking regulation. Violations of the regulations may result in a loss of driving privileges.

3. Vehicle Registration

  • All vehicles, which are to be parked on campus, are required to be registered. Students must register their vehicle with the Dean’s Office. All employees must register their vehicle(s) with the Physical Plant Administrative Assistant. Parking stickers will be issued upon completing registration.
  • Registration stickers are to be placed on the inside of the driver’s side window. The sticker should be placed at the top of the window. All student stickers from previous years are to be removed.
  • Changes in the license plate number of a registered vehicle must be reported in writing to the registering authority immediately.
  • Registration stickers are not transferable. Should you change vehicles, a new sticker must be issued by the registering authority.

4. Disabled/Handicap Placards and Parking Areas

  • Anyone who is legally blind or whose medical professional provides a clinical diagnosis and certifies that the person cannot walk 200 feet without rest or use of an ambulatory aide is eligible for a Disabled Placard, issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).
  • The placard is for the disabled person's benefit only and only for the times that person is a) in the vehicle or b) being dropped off or picked up. Do not let anyone else use your disabled placard parking privileges. If you abuse your disabled placard, or if you allow someone else to do so, one or both of you may be fined $500 - $1,000, face a 30-day license suspension, AND lose the disabled parking privileges.
  • For more information or to apply for a Disabled/Handicap placard go to the Massachusetts RMV website.
  • Vehicles parked in a disabled/handicap parking area, including the cross-hatch area adjacent to the handicap spot, is subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense.

5. Fire Lanes

  • Any vehicles parked in fire lanes or blocking fire hydrants are a threat to the safety of the campus community. These violations are serious and will not be tolerated. Vehicles parked in fire lanes are subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense.

6. Student Parking

  • Vehicles must be parked in the following assigned areas: seniors are to park in the area behind Scott Hall; juniors and sophomores are to park in the lot behind John Wright House.
  • Students may not drive on or park in the Main Street campus area or park in the center quad at any time.
  • Vehicles may not be moved during the school day until the student leaves to go home for the night.
  • Traffic cones, signs and any other means of traffic control shall not be moved, removed or tampered with in any way.
  • Boarding students may not have motor vehicles on campus and/or in the greater Easthampton area.
  • Permission for any exceptions to this policy must be discussed with and approved by the Dean of Students well in advance of its occurrence.
  • Violations of these rules may result in a loss of driving privileges. During the academic week, boarding students may only ride in day student’s vehicles after completion of their daily commitments, including participation in the Afternoon Program, and must secure the permission from the Dean’s Office or the Dean on Duty to do so. In addition, boarders may ride in a car only in accordance with their authorized parental permissions.

7. Faculty & Staff Parking

  • For most residential employees, parking adjacent to their residences is available.
  • Most commuting faculty/staff should use the Scott/Ford Hall lot or the lot behind the Chapel.
  • There is to be no parking in the center quad or behind the Reed Campus Center. Permission for any exceptions must be discussed and approved by the Security Department.
  • Traffic cones, signs and any other means of traffic control shall not be moved, removed or tampered with in any way.

8. Visitor Parking

  • If you are having visitors on campus, please notify the Security Department.
  • All visitors should park in the Scott/Ford Hall lot or the lot behind the Chapel, unless otherwise advised by the Security Department.

9. Pick-up & Deliveries

  • At various times members of the community may need to park near their office building to load/unload equipment. The vehicle may not block a fire lane, fire hydrant or emergency access to a building. Parking to load/unload shall be limited to fifteen minutes.
  • Exceptions to this regulation are Physical Plant vehicles who may need to access buildings with limited parking spaces for an extended amount of time.

10. Snow Removal

  • In the event of a snow storm, the Physical Plant will advise when and where to park vehicles to aid in the removal of the snow.
  • Employees and students will be notified via email of the snow removal parking plan.

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The office is located in the Reed Campus Center. To get there, go down the stairs at the center of the first floor, and turn left down the hallway. The Security office will be on your left.

Click here to download the campus map, to locate Reed Campus Center.

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