Health & Wellness FAQ

Is confidentiality respected at the Health & Wellness Center?

Like any health care facility or physician office, Williston's Health & Wellness Center is bound to protect patient confidentiality.

What happens if I am sick and cannot attend class?

You must come to the Health & Wellness Center to be excused from classes. If you are a day student at home, a parent must contact the Dean of Student's Office. The Health & Wellness Center also should be notified if a lengthy absence from school is expected. If you are having academic difficulties due to illness, injury, or emotional problems, you are welcome to visit the Health & Wellness Center, as well.

May day students visit the Health & Wellness Center?

Is a doctor available at all times?

There is a physician on call and available 24 hours a day, but he or she may not always be at the Health & Wellness Center. Registered nurses are on duty 24 hours a day while school is in session. If a day student is in need of emergency care, the Health & Wellness Center is able to provide that. For continuity of care and to avoid difficulties with health insurance coverage, we recommend that day students see their primary care provider for routine medical needs. Nurses are available to all students without charge.

Is there a policy regarding prescription medications?

Students are premitted to keep and take certain prescribed medications in their dormitories. However, to insure student safety, all psychotropic medication for attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders are held in the Health & Wellness Center are dispersed to students daily. In some cases, exceptions will be made so that students may receive medication for more than just that day.

What if I miss meals and classes while I'm at the Center?

The Health & Wellness Center always has food for all meals, and a selection of fresh foods is available, including an assortment of fresh fruit and fresh-baked breads daily. The staff will help talk to your teachers about any missing class or assignments and to coaches about any missed practices or games.

Does the Health & Wellness Center administer flu vaccine?

Yes, the Health & Wellness Center will vaccinate for the seasonal influenza if a parent has completed the consent to administer the flu vaccine form. Boarding students are the first group of students to receive the vaccination because we assume some day families will be seeing their primary care providers for this service.

Why do I need to fill out health forms each year?

Health forms must be completed in full annually without exception. Students with incomplete forms are unable to register, reside on campus, or participate in school activities until requirements are met. Families are financially responsible for any services the school may coordinate in order to meet these requirements.

The immunization and permissions/authorization sections are especially important. Student immunization records must be reviewed and verified annually. Massachusetts has specific immunization requirements that may be different from year to year, and our health forms are updated to reflect these changes. Medical and religious exemptions are allowed with proper documentation.

We must have parent/guardian authorization to share health information and permission to provide healthcare services every year. Without it, we are legally prohibited from providing any care or service to a student. Questions about any aspect of health forms shoudl be directed to our staff by calling (413) 529-3234 or emailing

Are students required to have a physical exam every year?

All students are required to have a physical prior to returning to school each year. Annual physicals ensure that students are well and fit for attending school and participating in extra-curricular activities.

Understanding that the timing of physicals is often complicated by insurance requirements, the Health & Wellness Center requests that students have a new physical within 30 days of the one-year anniversary of their last physical. This allows the school to have updated records and ensures that students have been seen by a medical provider to ascertain that they are able to participate in the life of the school.

What happens if the physical is not scheduled to be completed by August 1?

Please provide a copy of the most recent physical on record. While we understand this may be the same copy the Health & Wellness Center has in its files, we need an additional copy for the current health file. When the updated physical takes place, please send the new record to replace the older record on file.

The Health & Wellness Center will be in touch with you in the month before your child’s physical is due to make sure that one is scheduled and that parents are aware that the office is in need of a copy for the child’s current record.

Please note that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has specific immunizations requirements in order for a student to attend the school. These are listed in the health form. Medical and religious exceptions are allowed with proper documentation.

What about health insurance?

All students are required to have comprehensive U.S.-based health insurance. International students may wish to purchase the school insurance plan. International students who do not purchase the school insurance plan must have their insurance plan approved by the Director of Health & Wellness Services.

Because insurance companies vary tremendously, we encourage all families to ensure that their child will have full coverage for routine and emergent healthcare in our local area of Hampshire and Hamden Counties in Massachusetts. Families are financially responsible for fees not covered by insurance.