Dining Services

The Williston Northampton School has partnered with SAGE Dining Services to provide excellent quality service in the Birch Dining Commons.

Maryland-based SAGE has some 225 clients nationwide and is committed to making all food from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients, and created in small batches, so the first serving is the same as the last. Williston chose SAGE for their decades of experience, excellent reputation, and approach to food.

SAGE will also be able to provide detailed nutritional information online, including dishes with potential allergens or other restrictions, and those foods that should be eaten in moderation.

The dining hall is located on the lower level of Ford Hall and overlooks the Williston pond, Sawyer Field, and the athletics center complex beyond. The appetizing dishes available at each meal include hot entrees from the kitchen, items made to order at the grill, a salad bar, a pasta station, a deli bar, and desserts, with all ingredients and nutritional information listed online.

Birch Dining Commons is a great place to get together with friends. The space is open between meals during the academic day for a snack or a quiet place to study. Dress in the dining hall is either academic day dress (during weekdays) or casual dress (at other times).

On several occasions throughout the year—Family Weekends, Grandparents' Day, Convocation, and other events—special, formal dress dinners are served. These dinners are mandatory attendance for all boarding students.

Read more about SAGE Dining Services here and find information about its food safety policies.