Williston is a community of individuals bound together by mutual respect, love of learning, and shared experiences. It’s a community that’s diverse, unpretentious, inclusive—and fun. Both boarding and day students benefit from the high level of trust that comes from our residential setting. We all cross paths in the dorms, at the Birch Dining Commons, at the Reed Campus Center, or at the local favorite ice cream shop (who doesn't love Mt. Tom's?).

The annual round of events also brings us together, from opening Convocation to Commencement. Events such as Family Weekends, the Holiday Banquet, Williston Film Festival, Willy Gras spring carnival, and many others give our students the opportunity to develop their leadership and organizational abilities. Joining or starting clubs, serving as class officers or dorm proctors, managing sports teams, leading campus tours, and organizing community service projects are some of the ways to contribute to the Williston community while learning valuable life skills.

Williston is active seven days a week, and thanks to our location, students have many options both on and off campus. We sponsor dances, concerts, comedians, and movies; organize hiking and ski trips; and make sure that everyone who wants to attend a Five Colleges event has the chance. Day students have ample opportunities to spend as much weekend time on campus as they like.