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Jeff Ketcham


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Phone: 413-529-3232

After 38 years of marriage and 35 years teaching at boarding schools, 20 at Williston, life is pretty good. Students continue to amaze, amuse, annoy, and astound me. My appreciation for the teaching and learning process, both in and out of the classroom, remains at a high level as I strive to “get it right” for each student each year. I have found this goal to be a dynamic endeavor, as it is a moving target, though I feel I’m closer now than I was 30+ years ago.


B.A., Amherst College; M.A., Wesleyan University

Fun fact: Outside teaching, I have been fortunate to have many wonderful experiences – a unique one was a seven-year stretch working as a chimney sweep, top hat and all, as a sideline gig to teaching.