Varsity Coaches Directory

The Athletic Department seeks to instill in students purpose, passion, and integrity. For many, athletic involvement and daily physical activity are an integral part of Williston life. A critical component of the athletic program is our roster of varsity coaches, who come from a range of competitive and collegiate backgrounds. In this quick directory, you'll find a list of coaches' emails. Our coaches look forward to welcoming you and to answering any questions you may have.

Fall Season

Cross Country (Boys) Christa Talbot Syfu '98
Cross Country (Girls) Greg Tuleja
Field Hockey Kate Garrity
Football Tom Beaton
Soccer (Boys) John Chiavaroli
Soccer (Girls) Jen Fulcher
Volleyball Alex Rivenburgh
Water Polo (Boys) Bill Berghoff

Winter Season

Basketball (Boys)Benjamin
Basketball (Girls)Amber
Ice Hockey (Boys)Derek
Ice Hockey (Girls)Christa Talbot Syfu '
Ski TeamWilliam
Swimming & DivingDavid
Squash (Boys)Ryan
Squash (Girls)Peter

Spring Season

Golf (Boys)Mike
Golf (Girls)Ann
Lacrosse (Boys)Connor
Lacrosse (Girls)Jen
Tennis (Boys)Ryan
Tennis (Girls)John
Track and FieldChris
Water Polo (Girls)Bill
Ultimate FrisbeeAlex