Williston Northampton launched the EverTrue app in October 2014 as a way to help alumni reconnect with each other. EverTrue, a community app for schools, is designed for mobile devices and offers search options by class year, location, and career. The app has the added advantage of an affiliation with LinkedIn that lets users verify their information and make connections through the site.

For alumni, the app can help them search for connections in a particular city or area, by field, or interest. Alumni can more easily connect with Williston Northampton through social media and find out about upcoming events.

For the school, EverTrue's relationship with LinkedIn augments the alumni database to make it more accurate. The app allows the school to keep on top of constantly changing information—such as email addresses, mailing addresses, and career changes—that alumni update in their LinkedIn profiles.

The app is available for download in the Apple App store or the Google Play store. Users can download the “EverTrue” app and select the “Williston Northampton School” community to activate their accounts.

Of course, just like the school's printed database, the same prohibitions against using connections for solicitations, sales, and other conditions still apply. In other words, the format may have changed, but the school still frowns on spam and other inappropriate uses of the directory.

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EverTrue supports iOS 7 or later, and Android 4.0.3 or later.
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • Android


  • Name
  • Education
  • Email Address
  • Business Name
  • Hometown

“It’s unbelievable when you see who your classmates know on LinkedIn and where they are now.”

-Matt Roberts ’87

How do I get EverTrue?

1. From your mobile device, search for “EverTrue” in the Apple App store or the Google Play store for Android devices.

EverTrue supports iOS 7 or later, and Android 4.0.3 or later.

2. Download the “EverTrue” app to your device.

3. Once you have download the app and open it, you will be prompted to search for your community. When the app says “Choose your Community,” type in “Williston Northampton.”

4. Go through the verification process. We will confirm your identity and let you in!

Who can use the Williston Northampton EverTrue community?

Any Williston Northampton alumus/a may use it! Your information is protected, and only alumni may access it.

How do I log in once I’ve downloaded EverTrue and selected the Williston Northampton School” community?

You can sign in with an email and password, or authenticate with LinkedIn. To confirm your account, you’ll need to click on a confirmation link that will be sent to you via email.

How do I connect using my LinkedIn account?

You can login to the app using your LinkedIn email and password. If you choose to authenticate using a different email and password (for any reason), you can still connect your LinkedIn via the settings page. Click the gear icon at the top right of the menu page and enable LinkedIn.

The app allows you to connect and network with other people using LinkedIn. Once you are in the app, you can view information that people have included in their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles along with the number of connections you have in common. Anything marked as private in LinkedIn remains private. Don’t forget to list Williston Northampton in the education field in your LinkedIn profile, and be sure to join the Williston Northampton LinkedIn group!

What does the “your information is under review” message mean?

If your email address does not match what we have on file, we will use your name, class year, and other information you supply to confirm your identity.

How do I customize my privacy settings or update my contact information?

Unless you indicate otherwise, all of your contact information will appear on the app: your name, street, city, state, country, phone number, email address, education, and place of employment.

If you wish, you may customize your settings so that particular information will not be viewable by other constituents. If you would like to hide information in your profile, go to My Profile then click on “Suggest an Update” at the bottom of your profile. Then, type in any updates you would like to make and click “Send.” Please note that it may take up to 3 business days for changes to appear.

How do I search for people using the directory?

Click the magnifying glass located in the top right corner of the directory screen. From there you are able to search by name and/or filter by several other useful fields, like class year, location, and career.

How do I search for people nearby?

Click the "Nearby" tab in the sidebar navigation. A map will appear with pushpins indicating people in your area. Clicking on one of the pushpins will open that alumnus/a’s listing in the directory. You may also click the "List" icon in the bottom right corner of the map to view a list of people nearby.

Are you traveling and looking to visit Williston Northampton people in other cities? Search for users across the globe by entering any zip code, city, state or country. The map feature will show you that location along with people in that part of the world.

To search for an alumna/us by name in the map feature, click on the magnifying glass/search icon at the top right of the map. You can also use the magnifying glass to access more advanced search and filter options.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact the Advancement Office at (800) 469-4559.