Williston appeals to the international student who is excited by the opportunity to have the adventure and challenge of making new friends from different backgrounds. The school allows international students to study in an American academic setting which emphasizes individual initiative and success. We seek students who will actively participate in the school community's varied experience--from the discussions in the classroom to athletic teams to student activity groups.

What is the application fee for international students?

The application fee is $100.

How much is tuition?


Upper School Boarding Student: $61,900

What is Williston’s application deadline?

January 15

What test scores are required for international students?

All international students are required to take either the TOEFL or SSAT test; we do not accept the SLEP test.

Are there minimum scores required for admission?

There is not a minimum SSAT score, and the average TOEFL score is 90.

What are Williston’s school codes for the TOEFL and SSAT?

Our school codes for the tests are 8230 for the SSAT and 8963 for TOEFL.

Are ESL courses offered at Williston?

We offer an Advanced English Language Learners course to prepare students for standard English classes.

How many international students attend Williston?

In 2013-14, we have 100 students from 27 countries. In order to provide a high quality English-based education, Williston limits the number of students from any one language base to 8-10 students.

What does an application consist of?

Student essay, parent comments, English teacher recommendation, math teacher recommendation, personal recommendation, transcripts for the past two years, test scores, and interview.

How do I interview if I cannot visit campus?

We strongly encourage you to visit campus if possible but if you are not able to, we can arrange a Skype or telephone interview. In order to arrange a Skype or telephone interview, international applicants must first submit BOTH an application AND an official copy of their school transcript to the Office of Admission. Once these documents have been submitted, students should contact the Office of Admission to set up a telephone or Skype interview. We will begin conducting telephone or Skype interviews in the late fall. All Skype or telephone interviews must be completed before February 15 to ensure a March 10 decision.

For Chinese applicants who cannot visit campus...

Due to the large number of applications we receive for a very limited number of spaces, students from Mainland China should plan to visit our campus for a personal tour and interview before February 1 or plan to interview with our Admission Representative in China in November to conduct an interview.

Read more about international student life and the academic program at Williston.

Please email the Admission Office or call (413) 529-3241 with any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you to the Williston campus!