Curricular Technology Program (CTP)

Preparing for success in college and beyond in the 21st century means learning how to harness state-of-the art technology to maximize your educational experience. Our Curricular Technology Program (CTP) teaches students how to use technology thoughtfully to communicate, problem-solve, research, and think critically. By utilizing cutting-edge software on a universal device (the Surface Pro 4), all our teachers and students use the same powerful tools, which allow them to, for example, videotape and share how to solve a Geometry proof, get comments in real-time on a term paper draft, track assignments in our learning management system, and so much more. Supported by training and a dedicated Academic Technology Team, CTP is an immersive program that breaks down classroom walls, allowing teachers and students to collaborate, communicate, and create content in new and powerful ways.

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What are the key elements of the CTP?

The Curricular Technology Program (CTP) allows students to take full advantage of the software and systems Williston has in place on campus to both complement and expand their education. By using such programs as OneDrive and OneNote—on campus, at home, or anywhere else—students are able to collaborate effectively with teachers and each other and learn important organizational skills. Through this mission-driven program, students learn how to use technology with purpose, passion, and integrity in an anywhere, anytime environment.

How does Williston's infrastructure support this program?

Williston’s connection to the Internet is 200 Mbps. Students are able access the network wirelessly in all of their classrooms and dorms.

What device is issued to each student?

Every student and teacher at Williston uses the same device, the Microsoft Surface Pro. This provides consistency in the academic experience in all classrooms and dorm or home. The Surface Pro is a tablet with a detachable keyboard running Windows 8 with native stylus capability.

May my child bring his or her laptop to school?

Students are welcome to bring computers with them to school. However, the tablet device will be what they will use to access CTP’s key features.

What are the support and repair options for these devices?

Williston has a fully staffed technology department equipped to handle most computer-related support issues. If an issue arises with the Surface Pro that cannot be addressed in a timely manner, the student will receive a replacement immediately.

Will these devices support digital textbooks?

Yes. Digital textbooks, or ebooks, provide additional functions such search and annotation. They also are much less heavy to carry than traditional textbooks and often cost less.

Does every student participate in the CTP?

Yes. The CTP is designed to enhance the educational experience of every student, and having everyone access common software and services through a common device is an important part of the program. Collaboration through the use of a common device is a key element of the CTP.

Do students own the device?

While students have access to the device, students will not own it. Therefore, we ask that students refrain from putting stickers or any other decoration on it. You can, however, personalize the desktop and load on applications.

What does the $500 IT fee cover?

The fee, comparable to that charged by many of Williston's peers, will cover access to the personal device and software licensing. In addition, it will help to provide the resources to implement wireless access across campus.

Do students need a laptop as well?

The Surface Pro has a full-sized keyboard. Any work that can be done on a laptop will be able to be done on the tablet. An advantage of the program is that you do not have to supply your child with a laptop because the tablet device will do everything a traditional laptop can do—and more.

Will students use the software and the device often?

With digital textbooks, OneNote, and the full Microsoft Office suite and email, students will use their devices every day.

How have the faculty been prepared for the CTP?

Williston’s faculty have been using school-issued laptops with standard Microsoft software since 2004, the same year that a learning management system was put in place at the school. Every classroom is equipped with wireless access, an interactive white board, and an audio/video system.

As a result, Williston’s faculty is well-versed in computer technology, and many teachers have successfully integrated computer technology into their teaching in various ways. The CTI is the next step in fully integrating technology into teaching and learning in a pedagogically sound, deliberate manner.