"We are not here concerned with hopes or fears, only with the truth as far as our reason permits us to discover it." - Charles Darwin

The science faculty at Williston strives to instill in their students a passion for science. We encourage inquisitiveness about the natural world and challenge our students to understand what they cannot see.

The core curriculum includes traditional biology, chemistry, and physics courses. Advanced Placement courses in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and environmental science are available for highly motivated students. Through trimester electives, juniors, and seniors can engage in detailed study of specific topics such as animal behavior, genetics, human physiology, ecology, organiic chemistry, or astronomy.

The pursuit of science at Williston is not limited to the classrooms of Scott Hall. It's not unusual to see projectiles flying from windows around campus when physics students study velocity and acceleration. From our campus pond and fields, biology students gather samples that are subjected to a wide variety of analyses. Outdoor labs allow our students to study the environment directly and take advantage of open spaces to test theories learned in the classroom. Through indoor laboratory experience, our students gain confidence in using sophisticated equipment and analyzing data. Classes in the Science Department often blend computer-assisted data collection with established student inquiry and analysis using cutting-edge technology.

Our close proximity to the Five Colleges and their advanced science departments means that our students can have unique access to technologies and educational experiences generally available only at the college level. Through our relationships with the colleges, Williston students gain a deeper understanding of curricular content as well as early glimpses into collegiate-level science.

We instill in students an appreciation of the evolution of scientific principles and the fluidity of scientific "facts." Through close work with faculty, our students gain insight into the collaborative nature of scientific inquiry and its role in scientific questioning and experimentation.

Students gain a solid foundation from the Science Department's core courses that they can then sharpen with electives, which strengthen the sophisticated interests of both students and faculty. The science faculty is committed to challenging themselves and their students through ever-changing experimentation and demonstration. As reflected in our curriculum and practiced in our daily lessons, science is an active subject at Williston.