Summer Online Learning 2021 Registration Form

The Williston Northampton School (the “School”) offers a variety of services and programs to help students achieve their academic goals. Online summer courses are available to Williston students and students from other schools. This service has a $900 per course fee for four-week courses, and a $1,350 per course fee for six-week classes, that is the responsibility of the student’s family. Any family that wishes to avail themselves of these services is expected to complete the Program Agreement (the “Agreement”), which will be kept on file with the Online Academic Summer Program Coordinator and the Business Office.

Summer Program Classes  

The school is offering summer courses that are scheduled to meet twice a week, for either four weeks (July 19-August 13), or six weeks (July 12-August 20), depending on the course. These courses will meet online. The summer program has two types of courses, “prep” courses and electives. Beyond content, classes will include enrichment of discipline specific skills (i.e. argumentative writing, poetry analysis, problem solving, analytical thinking). Students must have access to their own device and internet that can reliably connect to Zoom and OneNote via a web browser. Students can enroll in a course until three weeks from the start date; the last day to enroll is June 29. Once a course reaches maximum enrollment, the course will be closed and students wishing to register can contact the summer program coordinator to be put on the waiting list. If spaces become available, you will be contacted to enroll.


Payment in full is due upon enrollment. As of June 29, 2021, all payments are non-refundable.  Withdrawal from a course before June 29, will result in a refund for the full cost of the course.  Withdrawal on or after June 29, will result in no refund. If it is decided by the School that the course selected will not proceed, a refund would be issued for the full cost of the course or an alternative course can be selected in its place.

  • Course signup

  • Please select the courses you'd like to take below. Please choose only one course per time slot. Courses listed with an asterisk* are six-week courses, and are $1,350 per course. All others are four-week courses, and are $900 per course.
  • Signature and payment

  • Please type the parent's full name here as your electronic signature. By signing, you acknowledge that you understand and accept all terms and conditions. After you click submit, you will be taken to the payment screen.
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