Payment Options

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for 2017-18

Boarding Day Middle School

Tuition* $59,900.00 $40,500.00 $32,900.00

Health Services Fee** $450.00 $300.00 $300.00

Technology Fee*** $ 650.00 $ 650.00 $ 650.00

* The Enrollment Deposit of 10% of the net tuition (or alternate fee designated in writing by the Director of Financial Aid) is included in the tuition total. It is non-refundable.

** The Health Services Fee helps to defray the costs of the availability of health care 24 hours a day and confidential counseling to all students.

*** The Technology Fee addresses the cost of the school's Curricular Technology Initiative, where each student is provided access to a school-owned tablet computer for use during the entire school year.


Security Deposit (Boarding Students only): $150.00

Additional fees if applicable:

Tuition Refund Insurance: 1.8% of net tuition

Injury & Sickness Insurance: $775.00-US Citizen (3-1/2 Mo); $1,725.00-Int'l Students (10-Mo) - See Enrollment Contract for Details

International Address Fee: $215.00

I-20 Fee: $265.00

Late Fees are assessed at 1.5% per month on past due balances that are 30 days past the due date for an annual rate of 18%.

Please do not email credit card numbers, dates of birth, or other personally identifiable information. Email is not secure. If you must provide your number directly to the Business Office, please contact Karen Yarra, Accounts Receivables Coordinator at (413) 529-3289.

Regular Billing Schedule

10% Enrollment Deposit is due with Enrollment Contract.

50% of remaining tuition and all fees are due by July 15.

40% of remaining tuition balance is due by December 15.

Payment Options

Option A: One Payment

Pay the full year's tuition in one installment (after initial 10% deposit) on or before June 1 for a 1% discount. This payment can be made by check, credit card or ACH.

option B: Two Payments

Pay in two installments. The first installment is due by July 15, the second is due by December 15. This payment can be made by check, credit card or ACH.

option c: 10-Month payment plan

Pay tuition and fees in 10 monthly installments beginning in May and ending in February.

Payments can be made by check, credit card, or ACH and will be automatically debited from the bank account or credit card account provided at the time of enrollment. There is a $90.00 enrollment fee at the time of enrollment.

To participate in the any of the above payment options, you will need to log in to FACTS Management Company with the credential provided in your invitation letter. If you should have any questions, please contact Karen Yarra at (413) 529-3289 in our Business Office.

Wire Payments (International)

The Williston Northampton School has partnered with flywire by peerTransfer to streamline the tuition payment process for our international families. With flywire by peerTransfer, you are offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money compared to traditional banks. Visit your FACTS Management account to begin the payment process.

Please note that this link is strictly for the regular academic school year tuition and fee payments, donations, and student spending account depositions.

Tuition Refund Insurance

The program provides for pro-rate refunding of tuition obligations (net of financial aid) in the event of the student's absence or separation from the school in accordance with the terms of the program. You authorize the school to process and collect any claim payment to which you are entitled under the program and credit it to the school's account, paying any excess to you. You understand that the school will first credit to the student's account any claim payment to which you become entitled. Only after the student's account has been satisfied under the terms of the program will any excess be forwarded to the "primary" signer. Additionally, you agree to pay the school within 30 days after receipt of a final itemized bill whatever balance remains unpaid after any payment under the program has been credited to the school's account.

The premium for participation in the program amounts to 1.8% of the net annual tuition. You understand that a charge for the cost of this program will be included with the school's July tuition billing.

For more information, please visit the program's website or read this brochure.

Private Loans

Parents are welcome to obtain private education loans from outside lenders as long as the disbursements fall within the school year.

Loan programs include but are not limited to:

Your Tuition Solution

Sallie Mae

Student Injury & Sickness Insurance

International families must carry U.S.-based insurance with an American claim address or purchase the plan offered by the school.

Please find more information here.

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Williston offers the opportunity to pursue your passions and explore your independence in a community of adults there to guide you. Live and learn on a campus where leadership skills and lifelong friendships take root.

Williston offers an academic arts program complemented by parallel extracurricular arts activities—all taught by faculty members who are practicing musicians, actors, and visual artists.
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